Bear Ridge picket railing brings engineering and design together with fully welded picket panels to create a tasteful looking and simple, “base model”, for aluminum railings and guardrails. Do not be dissuaded by its economical pricing and simplicity. A powder-coated aluminum picket railing brings a fresh new look to your home. It meets or exceeds National Building Code for strength, and the best part, you will never need to do a minute of maintenance or refinishing to this railing. Look to our gallery of photos to see the many ways in which you can add additional features and individualize this railing model to give your home a unique, personalized appearance.

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The Strengths of Aluminum

Aluminum has become the preferred choice and the industry standard for the manufacturing of aluminum railings and guardrails across North America. Bear Ridge Railing Systems are fabricated and assembled using 6005T6 aluminum alloys in order to provide maximum corrosion resistance and a maintenance free railing for years to come. At Bear Ridge Railing Mfg., we have carefully designed and in some cases redesigned our products to meet and exceed Building Codes across North America. Our 10mm glass railing system has been tested by the internationally recognized company, Intertech, to meet the requirements of the IBC (International Building Code).